The American College of Board Certified Attorneys (ACBCA) is a not for profit professional organization for attorneys who are Board Certified. The ACBCA supports activities to identify and recognize those attorneys who have met or exceeded rigorous certification standards relating to their area of practice. 

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The American College of Board Certified Attorneys is the ONLY professional organization with a national database and online portal of ONLY board certified attorneys. Through CertifiedLawyer.com and ACBCAttorney.org, the ACBCA will help promote your board certification. 

The ACBCA database is supported by your membership. The ACBCA does not receive revenue from online advertising or promoted rankings.

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What is Board Certification?

A Board Certified Attorney has demonstrated skill and expertise in a particular field and has proven it through rigorous examination and testing by an accredited organization. Accredited organizations must demonstrate that lawyers certified have an enhanced level of expertise and substantial involvement in the specialty area of certification. The standards are designed to enable the accredited organization to evaluate thoroughly the objectives, standards and procedures of applicants and to facilitate public access to appropriate legal services.

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