Melissa Sternbach

The National Board of Trial Advocacy Division of the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification was the first American Bar Association accredited attorney board certifying agency in the world. Founded in 1977, NBTA offers board certification for Trial Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, and Family Lawyers. NBLSC also offers board certification for Social Security Disability Lawyers. To qualify for one of these four certifications lawyers must have extensive experience in their specialty and meet rigorous objective quality standards.


Board certification in your legal specialty provides reliable evidence of your knowledge and proficiency to other attorneys and potential clients:
Attorneys look for ABA-approved certification when referring clients to out-of-town law firms.
Legal rating services - including Super Lawyers - use certification as a key criterion when ranking attorneys.
Potential clients see board certification as an important distinction when choosing an attorney.
Board certification in your legal specialty improves your chances to gain professional appointments and invitations:
Board-certified lawyers enjoy greater opportunities to serve on bar committees, to gain teaching posts or to earn speaking invitations.

Earn Legal Specialty Board Certification in:
Civil Pretrial Practice (NEW!)
Civil Trial
Criminal Trial
Family Trial
Social Security Disability


This May, the National Board of Trial Advocacy is sponsoring a marketing conference for trial attorneys in Clearwater Beach, FL called ROI2014.

The conference is designed to educate trial attorneys and marketing directors about the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It is built on teaching best practices for building relationships and a good reputation, which should lead you to more referrals.

This year's agenda -- including a keynote presentation on client referrals from Jon Wolske of Zappos -- is filled with amazing sessions on growing your referrals and relationships, and there are tons of breakout sessions on business development, social media and marketing your firm -- both on and offline. Click here to view the complete agenda.