Membership in the ACBCA is limited exclusively to attorneys who are board certified by a certification organization approved by their state bar association or by an organization approved by the American Bar Association.

The ACBCA is a non-profit organization that exists to support and promote the role and importance of board certification of attorneys to the profession and public. As such, it performs an important role that certifying organizations do not. Think of it as your advocate. It is the only organization that exist to bring board certified attorneys together in a single voice.

The ACBCA operates on many levels to advance board certification within the legal system, including the right to use the fact of your certification in communication with the public. We also operate two Web portals ( acbcattorney.org and certifiedlawyer.com) for attorneys and the public to offer education about the importance of board certification and make it possible for people to go to a single source for information about certification and to locate a board certified attorney.

The ACBCA is a non-profit organization. The majority of member dues (75%) go to operation of our Web sites and for promotion of board certification and our members on the Web and Social Media. The remainder goes to organizational operation. 

Board certification requires an attorney to meet rigorous objective standards and testing to assure that they have the necessary skill, experience, education and ethical character to pass the requirements for certification. These qualifications must be periodically reviewed and approved to maintain certification. The standards and requirements are not proprietary or secret.

Board certification cannot be influenced by money or friendship. board certification is not a commercial venture. The ACBCA is composed only of board certified attorneys. board certified attorneys may be recognized by many groups, but membership or recognition by any of these groups does not merit membership in the ACBCA.

Automatic renewal of your membership is offered as a convenience and helps keep our overhead costs down. It is not mandatory.

The ACBCA does not store credit card information. The ACBCA uses Authorize.net’s secure and automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) system for submitting and managing recurring transactions. For more information about Authorize.NET, please visit http://www.authorize.net.

The ACBCA has no practical way to monitor, censor or verify information provided by members for posting on its website. Individual members have an ethical obligation to assure the accuracy of information posted and to update information as necessary.

The ACBCA is a non-profit corporation that operates both acbcattorney.org for its members and certifiedlawyer.com as an informational website for the public.

There are a number of ABA approved national organizations that offer board certification. ACBCA recognized board certifying organizations can be found here.

Membership as a Fellow of the ACBCA is restricted to board certified attorneys in good standing with their respective organization.

An ACBCA member’s duty to their client is established by applicable state or federal law. Qualifications for certification, including ethical standards, are established by their respective certifying organization. Membership in the ACBCA reflects the member’s status as a Board Certified Attorney, but does not impose a higher duty.

The ACBCA is not a certifying organization so it does not certify lawyers. It is an organization dedicated to serving the needs and interests of Board Certified Attorneys.