Jack E. McGehee

Jack E. McGehee

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ALL MY MONEY: I’ve aged wisely. I wish I could have arrived where I am now more quickly. In the past few years a personal gut-check realigned my mission in life. Today, my goal in life is to die penniless by leaving behind a viable legacy that makes a difference. So all profit I receive from the law firm goes to Together in Hope (TIH, www.togetherinhope.com ), our public charity. Diane heads up the effort by traveling the world to feed kids, their bellies and their spiritual souls (all comers are welcome, not just Christians). A few years ago we traveled to Africa where we witnessed amazing scenes in Rwanda and Uganda. For me it was a personal game changer. Now every attorney in the firm works with TIH. At the end of the day, I have finally come to realize that I have plenty, so it’s time to do more. I have stepped aside from the financial bounty of law to focus on my new mission. Why not quit practicing? I can’t. I love trying important cases. It’s my gift. And it feeds my mission. But when it comes time to cash in on the prize, I’m finally answering a higher calling. It took me long enough, but I finally heard it! BACKGROUND: 313 personal verdicts. Appeared on ABC News, “Prime Time Live” with Diane Sawyer and “20/20” with Barbara Walters. Accepts one case in 300 requests, maintaining a small docket in order to fight offensively and aggressively with tenacity each day for each client. EDUCATION: West Point and Saint Mary’s Law School.


Suite 1300
Houston, Texas 77042

McGehee Chang Landgraf represents individuals and businesses injured by the misconduct of others. We combine compassion for our clients with an aggressive pursuit of each lawsuit. Out firm is a combination of business, medical and litigation professionals. This broad range of expertise allows the McGehee Chang Barnes Landgraf team to fight aggressively for each client.

Personal Injury
At McGeHee Chang Landgraf, we specialize in representing clients who have endured a catastrophic injury. We also specialize in representing the families of individuals who have died as a result of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness. Significant injuries are exactly that…significant. They change the person’s plans, they change the person’s outlook, they change the person’s life. There is no way that we can restore an injured person to the life they had prior to the injury. Nor ca
Wrongful Death
Injuries happen under a variety of circumstances. 18-wheeler accidents, offshore accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, product defects or malfunctions, industrial accidents, and oil rig accidents are only some of the many instances where a person can be severely injured or killed. No matter what the cause, clients can rest assured that McGeHee Chang Barnes Landgraf will fight for maximum compensation. We know how important these life-changing events are to our clients, and we p
Medical Malpractice
Errors by medical professionals happen all the time. Nurses ignore patients, doctors fail to diagnose clear illnesses, and aids neglect the elderly in rest-homes. These behaviors frequently injure patients, and can even result in death. At McGeHee Chang Barnes Landgraf, we have significant experience litigating medical malpractice cases with catastrophic injuries. Medical negligence resulting in brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, or loss of life is a specialty of ours.

1 Personal Injury Trial Law Texas Board of Legal Specialization


#StateLicense StatusYear AcquiredLast Updated 
1 Oregon Active February - 2016 07/28/2016  
2 New Mexico Active December - 2015 07/28/2016  
3 New York Active August - 2004 07/27/2016  
4 Texas Active November - 1980 04/18/2016


1 St. Mary's University JD  



#Bar / Other professional activitiesDuration 
1 Visiting Professor, Emory Law School, Atlanta, GA- Annual Trial Techniques Institute 1992 - 2003  
2 Adjunct Professor, University of Houston Law School, Houston, TX-Civil Trial Advocacy 1990 - 2001  


#Publication TitlePublicationPublication YearArticle Url 
1 The Plaintiff's Case- From Voir Dire to Verdict The Texas Trial Lawyers Association 1997  


#Association NameAssociation Position NameDuration 
1 State Bar of Texas Co Chair PJC Committee 2008 - 2008  
2 State Bar of Texas Vice Chair Pattern Jury Charges Vo. III Committee 2008 - 2016  
3 American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys First Vice President 2006 - 2016  
4 Texas Trial Lawyers Association President 2002 - 2003  
5 State Bar of Texas Vice Chair, CLE Committee 2001 - 2001  
6 Texas Trial Lawyers Association President Elect 2001 - 2002  
7 Texas Trial Lawyer's Association Chairman, CLE Committee 2000 - 2001  
8 State Bar of Texas Trial Lawyers for Public Justice 2000 - 2003  
9 American Board of Trial Advocates Advocate 2000 - 2016  
10 Texas Trial Lawyers' Association Membership Chair 1998 - 1998  
11 Houston Trial Lawyer's Foundation President 1997 - 1998  
12 Texas Trial Lawyers' Association Chairman, Legislative Committee 1996 - 1997  
13 Houston Trial Lawyers' Association President 1996 - 1997  
14 Houston Medical Legal Society Vice President 1996 - 1999  
15 Texas Medical Legal Society President 1994 - 1996  
16 Texas Trial Lawyers' Association Executive Committee Member 1994 - 1999  
17 State Bar of Texas Personal Injury Trial Manual Committee 1994 - 2002  
18 State Bar of Texas Pattern Jury Charges Vol. III Committee 1994 - 2016  
19 Texas Trial Lawyers' Association Chairman, CLE Committee 1993 - 1996  
20 American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys Board of Governors 1993 - 2016  
21 Houston Trial Lawyers' Foundation Founding Director 1992 - 1993  
22 Houston Medical Legal Society President 1992 - 1994  
23 Houston Trial Lawyers' Association Vice President 1992 - 1995  
24 Texas Trial Lawyer's Association Director 1992 - 2016